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About Congress

The future of tourism and camping is NOW

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to take part in the 1st F.I.C.C. World Congress, that will be held in Portugal, in Lisbon, from 21 to 23 November 2018.

Whether you are a member of F.I.C.C. or not, this congress is open to everyone. As of now, I would like to extend to you a warm welcome to the beautiful city of Lisbon in November.

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Speakers From World

Lovers & Passionate Camping Speakers

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João Alves Pereira

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Jerko Sladoljev

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Erik van Laar

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Eric Zeevalk

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Stan Stolwerk

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José Iglesias González

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Linda Gedink

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Michael Lin

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Maja Dimnik

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Maarten van Soest

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Hermann Pfaff

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Norbert van Noesel

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Jean Marc Mignon

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Jost Kruger

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François Feuillet

Don’t Miss This Congress

Great Congress Program

Organised for the first time by the Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning et Autocaravaning (F.I.C.C.), together with an organising committee comprising members from all over the world, the 1st edition of the World Congress will take place in Lisbon, one of world’s best-ranked cities.

The Congress, whose topic will be "The future of tourism and camping is now”, will include presentations, discussions and reflections on three major topics: Consumers, Campsites and the Industry of Camping, Caravanning and Motor Caravanning.

Day 01 full program

November 21, 2018 @ 9:00 - 17:00

F.I.C.C. Council meeting

Chaired by:

João Alves Pereira (Portugal)

Norman Taylor(Great Britain)

Gérard Couté(France)

Bulent Karaboncuk(Turkey)

Fabien Produit(Switszerland)

Gianni Picilli(Italy)

Lars Hall(Sweden)

Marcin Zaradkiewicz(Poland)

Martin Gavan(Ireland)

Minna Joensuu(Finland)

Lunch break

F.I.C.C. Council meeting

F.I.C.C. Commissions meeting

Asia Pacific Working Group meeting
Chaired by:

LIN, Chin-chang (Michael LIN)(Taiwan)

Johnny Cheng(Taiwan)

Youth Commission Working Group meeting
Chaired by:

Ryan Martin(Great Britain)

Iolanda Santos(Portugal)

Motor Caravaning Commission meeting
Chaired by:

Tomas Mehlmauer(Austria)

Les Kendrick(Great Britain)

Fabien Produit(Switzerland)

Day 02 Full Program

November 22, 2018 @ 9:00 - 18:00

Official opening of the congress

João Alves Pereira, F.I.C.C. President

João Queirós, F.C.M.P. President

Ana Mendes Godinho, State Secretary for Tourism

Jean Marc Mignon, Member of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics of the UNWTO

PART I Another World - Plenary session

Presented by Stan Stolwerk, Campercontact/NKC (The Netherlands)

Erik van Laar, Campercontact/NKC (Netherlands), Tech revolution and our world, environment, business, mobility and tourism: trend analysis, "Future customers are here already"

Eric Zeevalk, Campercontact/NKC (Netherlands), New and other generations in tourism and camping, an analysis

Norbert van Noesel, Manager marketing Thetford and Maarten van Soest, CEO Tonke (Netherlands), Effects on the industry and on small manufacturers

Coffee break

PART II A new industry - Plenary session

Presented by Fabien Produit ACS (Switzerland)

Hermann Pfaff,CIVD President (Germany): The Worldwide Leisure Vehicle Industry

Feuillet François, ECF President (France), The European Leisure Vehicle Industry

Jost Kruger, ECF general manager (Germany): A new European approach towards advocacy

Lunch break

PART III Changes in Camping - Plenary session

Presented by Beatriz Santos, Orbitur (Portugal)

Linda Gedink, EFCO&HPA President, (Luxembourg): Campings and the future challenge of electric vehicles

Bruno Lacroix, Director of Editorials Pôle Tourisme (France), A reflection on the good modern campsite

Maja Dimnik, World of Glamping (Slovenia), Glamping and new trends in camping architecture now and in future

Coffee break

PART III Changes in Camping - Plenary session

Presented by Tomas Mehlmauer OCC (Austria)

Jerko Sladoljev, (Croatia): The impact of demand on the camping categorization

Jose Gonzales, (Spain), Motorhome sites, Stopovers and Economic Impact on Tourism

Jean Marc Mignon, Member of the World Committee on Tourism Ethics of the UNWTO (France), Ethics and Camping

João Alves Pereira, F.I.C.C. (Portugal), Camping Card International C.C.I.

Welcome cocktail for the Gala Dinner

Gala Dinner

Day 03 Full Program

November 23, 2018 @ 9:30 - 15:00

Part IV Clubs and Associations: move, share and adapt - Plenary session

Presented by João Alves Pereira, F.I.C.C. (Portugal)

Stan Stolwerk: Campercontact/NKC (Netherlands), Clubs and association: How to stay relevant at local and inter(national) level

Robert Louden, The Camping and Caravanning Club (Great Britain), Proven record of adaptation; more than 100 years of history and relevancy

LIN Chin-Chang (Michael LIN), Asia Pacific Commission (Taiwan), Asia pacific region: how to implement and expand the Camping culture

Coffee break

PART IV Clubs and Associations: Move, Share and Adapt - Plenary Session

Presented by João Alves Pereira, F.I.C.C. (Portugal)

Inés AYALA SENDER, OITS President (Spain): Social Tourism and Camping

From inside the clubs: interview by moderator João Alves Pereira, F.I.C.C.

Gérard Couté, Fédération Française de Camping et Caravaning (France)

Olli Rusi, SF Caravan (Finland)

Emil Lindholm, Caravan Club of Sweden (Sweden)

Official closing session

Conclusions and perspectives on the follow-up of the Lisbon 2018 Congress

Lunch break


Guided visits of Lisbon

Guided tour to discover the classic sights of the city centre

Day 04 Full Program

November 24, 2018


A guided tour of Lisbon will be offered in the afternoon of Friday, November 23.

One extra excursion (extra fee) to Sintra and Queluz will take place on Saturday, November 24.

This tour will start at 8:30h till 18:00h and includes the bus tour to Sintra village center, Palácio da Pena and Park, Palácio de Queluz with Gardens. Lunch will be served at Cozinha Velha (old kitchen of Palácio de Queluz).

Brands Behind Us

Our Great Sponsors

As F.I.C.C. is looking for partners for the Congress.

If your organisation is interested or if you are aware of others that may be interested by one of the proposed options or other possibilities, do not hesitate to contact F.I.C.C. office at [email protected].

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Location Where You Can Stay

Staying close to the location of the event

One option is suggested to the participants, but feel free to book another hotel as the official congress venue is easy to reach by subway.